Why go for a Black cab and not an Uber

Uber vs MiniCab

Some brief reasons as to why the black cab is a better option than Uber cabs

The general notion adopted by many is that traditional taxis are expensive and public transport is only used by those who are out of their mind. The only sane solution seems to be is cheap taxis. Uber is providing those cheap taxis so logic says go for Uber.

Uber has emerged in competition to the traditional black cab service. This Smartphone app allows you to get a taxi without having to pay high fares and obtain a taxi in a matter of minutes. No matter how wonderful this sounds we still opt for the black cabs instead.

Many of you must believe in getting the cheapest fare but has the concept of ‘worth the price diminished after all?
Below are some reasons which argue to choose the black cab instead of the Uber.

  • Uber is not so cheap after all

Uber is pretty straightforward. The cab you will receive will probably be cheaper than the one you would hail off the street otherwise. However you must know your destination properly because chances are your Uber driver just started working last week.

The London Assembly Conservatives have scrapped the Knowledge test so that both services stand an equal chance. Therefore drivers are not as adept as you may think they are.

Your Uber price depends on how your drivers uses his knowledge of routes and the availability of the cars inside your area. So the general notion that Uber is cheap in all conditions has just been proven false.

  • Security

Uber drivers have probably gone through rigorous back ground checks which ensure no customers have complained for their driving experience. He must have been monitored if he aims to join some Union council or if he is willing to share any stories of his working condition.

That all sounds very nice but do you think his criminal record has been checked? You surely don’t want to rely on an Uber for your girl’s night out. Black cabs are known for their security and reliance so in this fight Black cabs certainly win.

  • The general notion that black cab drivers take you through a longer route

Passengers tend to think that black cab drivers will take around a couple of houses just to charge you more. Well nobody is such a fool anymore. There is an app for that too now. You can easily find your way through Google maps if ever lost.

Black cab drivers certainly have no interest in talking to passengers on their back seat. They can use their knowledge test skills effectively to find the way. However it is sad to see that test will no longer be applicable since the tories hate it so much.

  • Safety of Uber-pool

Uber-Pool is a service launched by Uber to make passengers share heir ride. They claim this will reduce congestion, reduce pollution and most importantly reduce fares. However is this Uber-Pool safe enough for you to ride on? Please think twice.

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Well there you have it. These were only some of the reasons you should be going for the black cab instead of Uber. Surely you have got rid of some pre-set misconceptions attached with black cabs since the advent of Uber.