Using a Taxi in the United Kingdom

How to travel via a taxi or minicab in the United Kingdom

How to travel via a Taxi or Minicab in the United Kingdom

Taxi is the most convenient of all public transport. You can get to your required destination directly and comfortably. This article will be helpful to those who are new in the United Kingdom and do not have an idea of how the taxi system functions in the United Kingdom.

The taxi structure is very strong in the United Kingdom. It has a strong system which you may not find anywhere else in Europe. The black cabs of London are famous worldwide. All taxis and private hire vehicles are registered with the Council and abide by the government regulations.

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Introducing Taxis and Minicabs

  • A taxi will can be hailed on the street but it will not stop if the yellow light on the taxi is off. You may also find a taxi from a taxi rank.
  • A minicab on the other hand can only be booked via telephone and cannot be hailed off the street. It is illegal for a minicab driver to pick a passenger directly off from the road.
  • Taxis can usually carry a maximum of 4 to 5 people. Although in some places taxis can also carry 6 to 8 people.
  • Minicabs are usually safe to travel
  • Do not risk to travel in a minicab which has not been booked as you will not be covered by insurance
  • If the minicab does not have a metre you should agree on the fare before setting off on your destination
  • It is advisable to book a minicab in advance at rush times or national holidays

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How to book a Minicab

  • You can find phone numbers of minicab companies in the yellow pages
  • Call your local licensed minicab provider
  • You may download a taxi or minicab app
  • You may text CAB to 60835
  • Some late night venues have the license to take up your minicab booking as their own but the booking must be made from inside the venue

Don’t take a un-booked minicab thinking the ride will be safe because

  • The driver appears to be well dressed
  • You have noted down the number plate as an insurance policy
  • You think travelling with a group in an un-booked minicab is not a problem
  • You are talking to a friend on the mobile on your way to your destination for reassurance
  • You have already approached the minicab

Remember a booked minicab will ensure you travel with an insured driver, on a insured vehicles and you will also be covered with insurance in case of any event. A booked minicab also means your journey will be recorded and your driver can be traced out in case of any emergency.

Some essential safety tips while travelling on a taxi

  • Make sure you plan your journey in advance as much as possible
  • Beware of your surroundings. Listening to music or concentrating fully on your mobile may be dangerous
  • Try to take a known route or go through a busy well-lit area
  • If you find yourself in an emergency call 911
  • Try not to give out personal details when conversing with taxi drivers