Uber and Black Cab War

War Uber Minicab London

The Uber and Black cab tension and viewpoints of the parties involved

Uber is a living example of transition of technology in to our daily lives. This California based smartphone app has changed the way we book a taxi. All you have to do is simple switch on the app; find a nearby Uber driver, text your place and you are on your way in no time.

Uber a major threat

Uber has become a great rival for traditional black cabs and nearly hundreds of black cab drivers have come out on the streets in protest of this service. Black cab drivers see Uber as a major threat to their livelihood. In London alone there are almost 100,000 private hire vehicles. Almost 10000 licences are issued every year. Approximately 25000 drivers work for Uber.

Transport for London goes to court

The dispute is becoming bitter by the day. The black cab Union has also took Uber to court where the ruling came in favour of Uber. Transport of London took the case to court because of the pressure it received from the black cab drivers. The tfl sought legal clarity if the Uber app was a taximeter. The taximeter right only lies with black cab drivers.

The court ruling came in favour of the app. Had it been otherwise Uber would have been forced to change its setup in accordance to the rules which protect the black cab drivers.  Uber took this win as a victory for common sense and hoped transport for London would think twice before implementing bureaucratic rules on apps such as Uber

The view point of back cab drivers

Uber is taking away all that they have worked hard for

Black cab drivers think they have worked hard to pass the knowledge test and get their badge. Now suddenly a company has emerged which is snatching all hat has been achieved in the past years of sheer hard work.

One driver stated that driving a black cab was dream for a boy from a working class. It was a place which promised you to be your own boss. Now all that has changed since people now prefer Uber more. Black cab drivers think all the hard work they had put in has gone to waste.

The viewpoint of Uber drivers

Uber drivers are of the view that Black cab drivers are acting plain unfair. The market is open to all. Private hire vehicles have always been present then why are the black cab drivers making such a fuss now? Uber drivers believe this app is a part of a technological revolution and it is time we move on. Mosv importantly they believe people prefer the Uber more so you cant just ignore the priority of the people who are involved.

The viewpoint of passengers

Passengers absolutely love the iconic black cab and are sad to see that it is losing its presence. However at the same time passengers are absolutely in love with the Uber app. They find it cheap, convenient and easy to use.
Final Verdict

The Uber app is certainly popular in the taxi market but the government cannot turn a deaf ear towards the concerns of the black cab drivers. It is yet to see how the government will manage this war.