Tips to Stay Safe for Taxi Drivers

Tips to Stay Safe Taxi Drivers London

Some essential tips for taxi drivers to stay safe when on duty

Taxis in England provide you with great service. You are able to get to your destination without any hassle. This is the second best option after public transport. We often read many articles guiding us how to be safe when travelling by a minicab or taxi. It is repeatedly conveyed that it is illegal to hail a minicab as it it may not be safe.

However we do not pay attention to the other side of the story. Many at times taxi and minicab drivers feel threatened by passengers. It has been quite a few times we have been hearing some horrific stories regarding taxi driver incidents in the newspaper. How vulnerable do you think taxi and minicab drivers are? The main question is what can be done to ensure the safety of drivers?

  • Drivers should make sure they operate within the law

It is very tempting to go for illegal practices while driving. You may stop your minicab when a passenger waves at you. You may be tempted to hop somebody on your ride back. No matter how tempting the situation may be make sure you obey the law in all circumstances.  If you put yourself in an unlawful incident you will not be able to claim any sort of compensation.

  • Ensure you gain maximum information from your passenger while booking

This tip is a two way process. You have to provide as well as gain maximum information while booking a taxi. This prepares you for the next situation. For example if it is late in the night you can expect your passenger to be tipsy.  It is better to be mentally prepared for the situation.

  • Make sure you ask about luggage space

If you find your passenger is going on a holiday or mention luggage make sure you obtain the details regarding the luggage. This will prevent you from awkward situations and situations in which taxi passengers have to leave behind luggage.

  • Taxi drivers should make sure the fare has been discussed while booking

Taxi drivers make it a point to tell the fare of the trip clearly while booking. You can even remind your passenger about the fare before you start off with the journey. This can make them think twice or even go to the Atm if short on money.

  • Taxis drivers should refuse passengers behaving in a aggressive manner.

You reserve the right to refuse passengers from a ride who are highly drunk and behaving in an aggressive manner. If the passenger has already come aboard your taxi then make sure you go through busy and known areas. It is essential to feel safe in a workplace and cab drivers also retain that right.

Hopefully these tips will help taxi driver from facing horrible situations. Safety is the utmost priority and taxi drivers also maintain that right. It is also obliged on passengers to talk in a respectful manner and behave in a good manner while in the black cab or minicab. It is the small things which can make the journey safe for both the taxi driver and the passenger.