The ‘Taxi’ for students in the United Kingdom

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Tips for Students Travelling by Taxi in the UK

Taxis are convenient way to travel. They pick you up from the spot and take you directly to your destination. This is why they tend to be a bit more expensive than other modes of public transport. Even then passengers at times prefer the taxi over other modes as it is more comfortable and is easily available.

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Students in the United Kingdom

Millions of students come in to the United Kingdom from abroad to pursue professional studies. As well all are well aware students have to make up for every penny they spend. They plan, study and enjoy in their limited allowance.

Students also tend to travel a lot. Sometimes it might be a journey from their dorm to the university or maybe going to the nightclub over the weekend. We understand that students want to save on travel and yet travel in a cosy way. We will give you an over view of the taxi service in UK and how you can make use of it.

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Tips for Student Travelling by Taxi

  • Make Sure you only Travel by a Booked Minicab

You should always book a minicab before travelling. This ensures you are travelling on a insured car. Also if you happen to find yourself in an event you will be covered by insurance. The driver and journey record is available when a minicab is booked.

  • Agree Upon the Cab Fare Before you Start the Journey

It is essential that you decide the cab fare before the journey starts. This will avoid you from getting in to an argument. Also you may get an idea if you require extra cash or need to visit the AT M machine.

  • Ensure the Driver knows the Destination before you start the Journey

This will certainly save you on time. Students always have a time table to follow and you certainly don’t want to miss you classes. Therefore ensure the driver knows the way.

  • Pay Attention to your Surroundings while Travelling

Students tend to be more engrossed in their mobile phones or prefer listening to music on their ride. This may be dangerous if you are travelling alone on a minicab. You should be alert and aware if you are travelling alone.

  • Share a Taxi

If there are three or more of you wanting to travel to university you can hire a taxi. This will be cheaper than other modes of transportation and will get you to university directly.

  • Book a Taxi if you have Luggage

There will be a lot of times in your student life when you will have to bear a lot of moving. Carrying luggage around can be strenuous and quite a hassle. You can book a taxi to carry the extra luggage on you.  This will help you out.

  • Tipping is Not Compulsory

You don’t necessarily have to tip a driver. Being a student also gives you a waiver. However if you do wish to tip a driver you can tip 10% of the journey cost.

These were the tips for students living or just arrived in the UK. Hopefully you will find them helpful. Travel Safely.