Electric Taxi London
Cabbies are Welcoming the Electric Change

Taxi Drivers are Welcoming the New Electric Change in their Drive As we all know Geely has taken over the black cab production in Coventry to establish hybrid electric powered black cabs. Geely has invested more than £250 in this plant to produce more green taxis. Survey Results Recently in a recent survey it has […]

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Tips to Stay Safe Taxi Drivers London
Tips to Stay Safe for Taxi Drivers

Some essential tips for taxi drivers to stay safe when on duty Taxis in England provide you with great service. You are able to get to your destination without any hassle. This is the second best option after public transport. We often read many articles guiding us how to be safe when travelling by a […]

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How to Travel from Heathrow Airport
Traveling From Heathrow Airport

Methods of traveling in and out of Heathrow Airport If you arrive in London you will find yourself in one of the six airports of the city. However out of the six designated airports only London City and Heathrow airport are within the political boundaries of the city. Heathrow airport is located just on the […]

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Uber vs MiniCab
Why go for a Black cab and not an Uber

Some brief reasons as to why the black cab is a better option than Uber cabs The general notion adopted by many is that traditional taxis are expensive and public transport is only used by those who are out of their mind. The only sane solution seems to be is cheap taxis. Uber is providing […]

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London Uber Minicab
Black Cabs are in for it-Uber has Taken Over

How black cabs are in threat by Uber and the response of black cab drivers. Black cabs and London-a great romance The black taxi is a part of London just as is the Buckingham Palace or Big Ben. You can’t really imagine a London without the Hackney carriages whizzing around. Since the advent of Uber, […]

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Taxis vs Minicabs
London Taxis vs Minicabs

The taxi culture has been prevalent in the United Kingdom since ages. We often find ourselves in need of this service more than often. Taxis are always plentiful but only when you need them the most they disappear. Desperate times such as a heavy downpour, when you have heavy luggage on you or even when […]

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Hackney Carriage Black Cab London
An Overview of the famous London Black Cabs

A short history and introduction of black cabs. The famous taxi’s in London are known as black cabs. They have been ruling the taxi industry for a long time. However, we now see a decrease in the classic black Fairway taxi. Nevertheless, the black cab has a rich history in London and commuters still rely […]

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