How Does Rating an Uber Driver Help?

How does rating an Uber driver help

Uber ratings play a pivotal role in the Uber Platform as far as quality and safety is concerned.  As an Uber driver you should ensure that your experience is comfortable, safe and pleasant for the rider. Uber ensures both parties are equally heard and so drivers and riders can equally participate in the rating process.

Getting Uber Ratings from a Rider

At the end of the trip the rider gets a chance to rate the Uber driver on a scale from 1 to 5. The 5 star rating being the highest and the 1 star rating being the lowest. An Uber driver is required to give a rating immediately after every trip. However riders are not required to do so after every trip. Uber passenger rating is optional but not for drivers.

How does rating an Uber driver help

When rider do rate their drivers they keep in mind certain factors and evaluate the Uber experience as an overall. This includes everything from how well maintained the Uber car is and how the communication of the driver is with the rider. A 5 star rating is the best a driver can get. This rating means the driver provided exceptional service for the passenger.

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How the Uber Rating is Calculated as a Driver?

The overall rating of an Uber driver is an average of all the Uber ratings received from the passenger. This means all the individual ratings are put together to get the final rating. For example 5,4,5,5 ratings is equal to 19. This number is divided by the number of ratings you have got. In this case that is 4. 19/4 =4.75 rating.

How does rating an Uber driver help

Ratings Usually Change for New Uber Drivers

All new Uber drivers start off with a rating of 5. If you have just started to drive an Uber your rating may vary with every trip. This is because the available number of trips to average is low at first. As a driver gets more frequent trips to be rated his rating will also change accordingly and will become constant over a period of time.

What is included in the Uber Rating

The Uber driver includes the ratings in which he is given actual star rating. You should remember riders usually do not avail the option to leave a rating after a ride but mostly passengers do tend to rate their ride and if they do so it does count in the overall rating of the driver.

It should be made note that the last 500 trips count towards the rating of a driver. So if you have had a bad start you may get better results or vice versa. Cancelled trips and requests are not included in your rating.
Why is the Uber rating so important

The Uber rating is a crucial way to measure the partnership with Uber. Sometimes Uber drivers may be deactivated due to low Uber ratings. This process ensures that passengers are riding a quality ride and have a safe experience with Uber.