Escalating Numbers of Minicabs in London Increased Travel time by Almost 10%

Uber Minicab London

How the increased number of minicabs is causing problems in London

This claim has been substantiated by the Private car hire firm Addsion Lee. The company claims that over the past few years the number of minicabs has increased phenomenally over the roads. To be more specific a rise of 56% has been observed only in the past two years. Due to this traffic problems are a norm and even the journey time has been increased by 10% in the past twelve months only.The increase in the number of minicabs is basically due to the growing popularity of Uber.

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What is Uber?

Uber is a location based smartphone app. It is actually a taxi service provider in modern terms. The customer in need submits a trip request. The nearest driver is notified of the request by Uber and is given the location of the customer. Within a matter of seconds, the driver and customer tie up and the taxi service is availed.

Uber is a convenient, safe and easy to use an app. The service has gained much popularity and has become a threat to conventional car hire companies. Many taxi drivers have gone on strike after the popularity of this app. Nevertheless, the app is continuing to work and gain profit.

How has Uber increased the number of minicabs?

There has been a substantial increase in the amount of minicabs in London. Addison lee estimates the percentage of new entrants to be 56% in the past two years only. This is all thanks to Uber. The app has attracted more drivers to this field. The app itself has grown immensely. It had a very humble start and now it operates 20,000 private hire cars in a matter of three years only. Currently, the number of licensed private car hire drivers is 90,000. The number is expected to increase to 128,000 in the coming two years.

  • The effect of the high number of minicabs
  • The drivers in London now complain of increased congestion.
  • The lengths of journeys are increasing and matters are only getting worse.
  • The capital actually observes all traffic coming to a halt in rush hours.
  • The political stance on the traffic situation

The residents of London have been facing many problems due to this congested situation on roads. Much pressure has been applied on the local politicians to impose laws to decrease the amount of taxis on the road.

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However, even after public pressure a minister from the Department for transport recently announced this week that the government is taking up no such action. However on the other hand the London Mayor has taken notice of the issue and has stressed the number of private car hire vehicles have to be limited.

Ubers take on the issue

Uber tried to solve the congestion problem by launching the car sharing service know as Uber-Pool. The concept was that passengers would be able to share rides which would in turn help in reducing pollution and congestion.

The move has not been appreciated by Uber drivers. Many Uber drivers believe that at any one time only 4000 Uber vehicles are n the road. The government has to control congestion and vehicles on a whole instead of targeting the app service.