Uber Case Wins London
Uber Wins High Court Case Against Transport of London

Uber is a smartphone app which has become increasingly popular in the United Kingdom. It has become a major threat to all private hire vehicles and the black cab in particular. The black cab has been affected the most by this app as the app beats the black cab in providing service to the customer […]

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War Uber Minicab London
Uber and Black Cab War

The Uber and Black cab tension and viewpoints of the parties involved Uber is a living example of transition of technology in to our daily lives. This California based smartphone app has changed the way we book a taxi. All you have to do is simple switch on the app; find a nearby Uber driver, […]

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Electric Taxi London
Cabbies are Welcoming the Electric Change

Taxi Drivers are Welcoming the New Electric Change in their Drive As we all know Geely has taken over the black cab production in Coventry to establish hybrid electric powered black cabs. Geely has invested more than £250 in this plant to produce more green taxis. Survey Results Recently in a recent survey it has […]

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London Uber Minicab
Black Cabs are in for it-Uber has Taken Over

How black cabs are in threat by Uber and the response of black cab drivers. Black cabs and London-a great romance The black taxi is a part of London just as is the Buckingham Palace or Big Ben. You can’t really imagine a London without the Hackney carriages whizzing around. Since the advent of Uber, […]

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