Cabbies are Welcoming the Electric Change

Electric Taxi London

Taxi Drivers are Welcoming the New Electric Change in their Drive

As we all know Geely has taken over the black cab production in Coventry to establish hybrid electric powered black cabs. Geely has invested more than £250 in this plant to produce more green taxis.

Survey Results

Recently in a recent survey it has been recorded that up to 80% of London’s taxi drivers are interested to switch to the electric cab. The low ultra low emission taxis have been welcomed by the drivers. These taxis are supposed to be on the roads by next year. The taxis will be officially called as Zero Emission Capable by tfl. Their usage will significantly improve the air quality of London.

The survey was conducted by the London transport company. The results were pretty interesting. Almost 80% of the drivers were either ‘interested’ or ‘very interested’ to buy a zero emission capable taxi. The survey was conducted in partnership of the ride hailing apps Hailo and Gett.

Mayor’s Address

The Deputy Mayor stressed that every step possible should be taken to clean up London’s polluted air.  The Mayor was happy that drivers are excited about the new zero emission taxis. The mayor stated that the government is working hard to help the industry thrive is collaborating with tfl to make this transition as soon as possible.

Such government interest has helped the London transport company to create a sustainable city infrastructure. London is to change its air quality by such a transition.

The Campaign

The ultra low emission taxi is part of the Faster, Greener and Smarter campaign launched earlier this year.  This action plan was the very first time when taxi drivers, manufacturers and tech companies all put in a joint effort to pave a better future of the taxi trade. Many of the proposals set in this campaign have already been introduced by the new Mayoral team.

Air Pollution Campaigner View

Barbra Stoll a Senior Air Pollution campaigner said that zero emissions taxis is a great initiative and it reminds us that the citizens of London support the fight for clean and safe air. She also stressed that it is essential for business to embrace this type of technology and this method will put them ahead of others soon. She also said this same logic applies to cities as well. We need to opt for better strategies to end the air pollution crisis.

Taxi Drivers

Taxi drivers in London are welcoming this change. One cab driver stated that he is looking forward to the change as a clean environment is the utmost priority. He also stressed that we have to leave the world in a better state for the sake of our children.

Drivers are not worried about the turnover of the cars they know the government will help them out in every step.

The Future

We hope for a much greener and cleaner future. All private hire vehicles will be green by next year and hopefully this will improve the air conditions of London. Other cities may be inspired by this initiative too.