Cab Fares to Your Favourite Destinations

Cab Fares to Your Favourite Destinations

Taxi services are very much popular in England as a mode of transportation. They are easily accessible, safe and provide you a quality journey.

The taxi system in England is very strong. You have traditional taxis such as Black cabs operating in London. On the other hand private hire cars are also available. However with advent of app based taxi services the scenario has changed quite a deal. You now have many options to choose from. In addition these app based taxi services do not have a taxi metre the fare is calculated by the app itself.

Nevertheless as far as hiring a taxi is concerned it all comes down to the fare. The cheapest option will mostly be the popular choice. Below are some cab fares for some popular destinations. You can compare the rates to get a better insight.

Cab Fare from Manchester to Liverpool

Liverpool is located 35 miles west of Manchester airport. The travel time is approximately 45 minutes by car. The city can be accessed via two motorways M56 and M62. Liverpool is one of the main ports of England and has great links to Ireland.

The taxi fare from Manchester to Liverpool is approximately £35. The price will be more and may reach up to £45 if you book from Manchester airport. However it is always recommended to pre book your private hire vehicle so that you get better rates. Hailing a taxi is always expensive.

This cab fare may seem to be much but when you are travelling with a family of 4 or more this option seems to be way more affordable than a train.

 Cab Fare from Heathrow Airport to London

How to Travel from Heathrow Airport

Heathrow happens to be the biggest and busiest airports of the world. Passengers fly in to visit he UK usually land here and many take connecting flights. The most famous destination from Heathrow airport is the capital of the United Kingdom, London. There are many options available to travel from Heathrow to London but the taxi remains a popular choice.


There is a taxi stand right outside the airport but hiring a taxi from there can be pretty expensive. You might have to pay up o £100 pounds for your trip.

Pre booked licensed cabs are much cheaper than black cabs especially if they have been pre booked. The average fare for a ride to central London from the airport should be around £50 to £65 pounds. This fare is very economical if you are travelling with your family.

Cab Fare from Manchester to Blackpool

Blackpool is a popular destination for holiday makers. It is a sea side resort and is known for its Pleasure Beach. This is an old school amusement park and is a great attraction for children and adults.

If you are planning a trip to Blackpool with your family you should have an idea of the cab rates. It usually takes one hour and seven minutes to reach there by taxi from Manchester. If you are travelling with 4 passengers your fare will be no more than £50. However if you are travelling with 8 people your fare may go up to £70.