5 Tips to Travel Safely in a Minicab

5 tips to travel safely in a minicab

Safety is the most important thing while travelling on any form of transport. When you are sitting in a vehicle driven by someone else you are giving some sort of control to an unknown person. In such a situation it is important that you ensure that you are in safe hands.

Minicabs happen to be a popular way of travelling in the United Kingdom. The Heathrow minicab service is very much popular for passengers arriving at the airport. It is cheap and takes you directly in to the London city. However it is important to maintain your safety while travelling too.

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Below are some tips to stay safe while travelling on a minicab.

Make sure your taxi is legal

Make sure you minicab is booked. A booked minicab helps trace the driver and company in case of any incident. A booked minicab means you have ordered the minicab via a telephone call and not simply hailed it off the road. It is highly recommended not to hire a minicab off the road.

Ensure the driver is abiding by all rules

You should not take a risk of travelling in a minicab if the driver seems to be under the influence of alcohol. A driver who has consumed alcohol cannot drive or control the vehicle fully. You may put your life in risk as the chances of an accident are very high when the driver does not drive in his senses.

You should also make sure the driver is wearing an ID badge. The vehicle should be displaying the name of the company. in case the vehicle is not displaying taxi license signs in the windows you should avoid sitting in the vehicle.

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Booking a taxi

While you book a taxi make sure the driver knows your name and destination. When the minicab does arrive make sure it is the same taxi you ordered for. You should know the number plate in advance. If you book at a busy time or require some special needs such as a wheel chair make sure you specify in advance.

You should also know what the fare of the ride will be in case a taxi metre has not been installed in the taxi. Only start your journey once the fare has been agreed upon.

Do not distract the driver

Make sure that you do not distract the driver. You should not talk unnecessarily and avoid all sort or arguments.

Distracting the driver means you are taking his attention off the road. This can be dangerous both for you and the driver.
You should also behave well in the car. Avoid getting out or in the taxi while it is moving. Do not drop litter in the taxi and by all means to not damage the vehicle. You will be liable to any damage done to the car.

Sit in the backseat

It is safer to sit in the back seat of the taxi instead of the front seat. This gives you two doors to escape in case of any emergency. The back seat also increases the distance between the driver and the passenger.